Being Halloween I thought Id post something a bit scary. Thomas Bangalter did the soundtrack to the film
Irreversible and the track Im posting is taken from the opening scene in the Rectum Club. The synth in this is just evil, coupled with the gabba esque kick snares you can hear creeping in and out and for people who have seen the film, the general unpleasantness of the arm breaking and head smashing that follows soon after really make this one apt for the day thats in it.


Rightfully So

More big things from Selusiasis this time with label co founder
Starkey stepping up to the plate. Hes a name that will be familiar to most with remix credits for the likes of Radioactive Man, releases on Planet Mu and even an appearance on Mary Ann Hobbs last compilation where his track Gutter Music stood shoulder to shoulder beside additions from Untold Brackles and Nosaj Thing. Id say Starkvillain is a cross between R&B Garage and Funky, the vocal has really grown on me and its a track that im finding myself listening to over and over again since I got it in the mail. The 4 track release also features 2 more tracks from the upcoming Streetbass Anthems 4 comp and you can get it here.



Went to see Planetary Assault Systems last night and must say I really liked what I heard. Simple stuff done really really well, first proper techno gig Iv been to in a while and good to see that the attendance was quite good aswel. Iv always liked Andrews Lane as a venue but its a completely different animal when its full, last night was pure sweat dripping from the walls fun. Really looking forward to hearing their new album, if last nights performance was anything to go by then it should be a classic. Posting a recent PAS track and also a link to a recent mix that Luke Slater did featuring some more of the new material.

Detrublin Mixes 1

Mix I Did over the weekend

Scuba - Negative

Joy Orbison - J Doe

Ramadanman - Plsn

Untold - Dante

Fever Ray - When I Grow Up (Scuba Up High Mix)

Millie & Andrea - Black Hammer

Ramadanman - Revenue (Untold Mix)

Brackles - Rawkus

Macrus Price & Carli - Mat, Bira, Kvinnor,Weed (Kingdom Mix)

Speech Debelle - Spinnin ( DVA Funkstep Mix)

Bok Bok - Whole World Changin 4x4

Bakir & Dubswirth - Soul Job (Bombaman Mix)

Chrissy Murderbot - Roll Another One

Seiji - Hohoho

Ramadanman - Wad

Dj Funk - Jerk It

Badawi vs Kode 9 - Den Of Drums

Untold - Just For You

Octber Mix by user7301147



Well possibly one of the coolest bands on the planet are playing in Dublin this evening The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. The 9 piece band from Chicago who are signed to Damon Albarn's Honest John Label they dropped this piece of genius in 2006. Ladies and Gents get your air trumpets out for War.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - War


Fly Life

Basement Jaxx have always been an act that have made some great tracks over the years. The first tune I ever heard from them was Fly Life and its an absolute banger. Anything they have released after that has been great but nothing has ever lived up to this tune. Check it below.

Basemet Jaxx - Fly Life


Tea Leaf Dancers

Today's tuneage comes from my favorite hip hop artist at the moment Flying Lotus. His broken beat experimental hip hop has been one of the most refreshing and exciting sounds I have heard in a long time. Signed to both Warp and Hyperdub today's track"Tea Leaf Dancers" comes from his Reset e.p . This is a guy who is only 26 years of age and I think he is yet to give us the best of his work and is my opinion up there with greats like Dj Shadow, Dr Dre, J Dilla and Madlib.

Tea Leaf Dancers - Flying Lotus


Spring Green

Music today comes from one of my favourite labels, Rotters Golf Club. Iv been listening to a lot of my old vinyl and the sounds that Im hearing are very similar to the tracks that Iv been downloading lately. The track Im posting wouldnt sound out of place if you heard it in a club today, testament to the label's forward thinking approach to releasing good quality music that stands the test of time.

Aramcheck - Benicassim



Todays music comes from emerging UK artist
Lil Silva. Firstly is a mix that Iv had on constant repeat for the last while, its not a new one and I have to tip my hat to Three Piece Meal for originally uploading it. Really love the percussion in all of the tracks on it and its something that follows through in the track im posting aswel. I havent gotten so much into the whole UK Funky thing apart from dabbling in a few mixes. Overall its not something that I could see myself playing out or listening to on a regular basis. In my own mind im likening it to the whole niche bassline thing that seemed to fade away as soon as it had blown up last year but I really like what Lil Silva is doing. Very intelligent production and his tracks are popping up intracklists from Dj's that you wouldnt necessarily associate with this sound.

Lil Silva Wake up Mix

Daniel Merriweather - Red (Lil Silva Remix)


Sugar Cocktail

One from the vaults and the soundtrack to a thousand sessions today. Real belter of a track, and they seriously dont make them like this anymore. Listening back to it yesterday its lost a bit of its appeal for me, possibly due to the fact that it wasnt 7 in the morning and I wasnt dancing like a lunatic in a random kitchen. Fondest memory of this track was hearing Jeff Mills playing it at Sonar a few years ago, hearing and seeing about 2000 people go absolutely ape shit as soon as the bass dropped is something that will stay with me for a long time.

DK8 - Murder Was The Bass



Todays music comes from
John Tejada. Taken from his Fractals ep, Better Days is one of the more floor friendly productions Iv heard from him in a while. Usually going for more experimental soundscapes this one is perfect for playing out. There's also an interesting article over on RA where he talks about his studio set up and his approach to making music, well worth the read.


Chasing Clouds

When I started getting into Dj'ing my Dad would come into my room and play his old Buddy Holly records to see if they sounded better on my 1210's. He reffered to the music I was into at the time as "noise", listening to a lot of
Otto Von Shirach lately I can begin to understand where my Dad was coming from. His latest album is full of tracks with colourful names such as, Spine Serpants of Sprem Island and in my own opinion is the audio equivialnt of a badly dubbed kung fu movie. Your either going to love it or wonder who rubber stamped this one. Posting my favourite cut, nice electro beats under a dark vocal.

Otto Von Shirach - Her Blood Is Poison


Seclusiasis are gearing up for their next release, this time from Philly native but Japanese resident BD1982. Theyv done a really good job of covering all the bases on this one, from hip hop beats you can appreciate on the ipod to cone shattering bass for the clubs. The release features remix action from the likes of Starkey and Tayo but Im putting up the Turnin Tricks remix for you. Glitched vocals, nice skippy percussion and the floor friendly 4x4 signature make this one my pick of the bunch. You can pick up the release here and theres a nice feature on Seclusiasis founders Starkey and Dev79 in the latest XLR8R magazine that you can read here.



Todays track is one that I am loving at the minute and comes from UK producer Shitmat. Cant say Im a fan of the rest of the album I got, pretty much all Amen Breaks chopped up and heavy on the pitch bend. This one is pure throwback gold though with that lovely rave chord I love so much. 

Trust Me

The first Switch tune I heard was a remix of a Chemical Brothers track and if my memory serves me, I bought the vinyl for the Felix The Housecat version on the flip. The beauty of his productions is not only do they sound great but they are very simple and with the dance floor always in focus. He's someone that has worked with everyone and is responsible for bringing a whole wave of artists to the forefront of club culture around the world. I think its fair to say that if there was no Switch, there wouldnt be a Crookers or a Herve but more worryingly, take your pick from the thousands of "fidget" producers currently enjoying theyr 10 minutes of fame.

Im posting a mix i recently rediscovered. A cover mount mixmag cd from 2006, 3 years after Mr Taylor set up his Dubsided label but just as his star was on the serious rise. Also an old remix he turned in for Australian act Infusion and a brand new one thats been around the internets.


Kaini Industries

Celebrating 20 years Warp Records has released an amazing box set. On the covers CD it contains an excellent cover version of Kaini Industries by Boards of Canada. Bibio did the impossible and made a Boards of Canada track sound just as good as the original if not better! The album Music has the Right to Children is a classic just ask the people of Pitchfork who gave it 10/10. Check out both the original and cover below!

Boards of Canada - Kaini Industries

Bibio - Kaini Industries



Going back about ten years or so now with UR Dj Rolando. The track "Jaguar" was one of my fav tunes back then. Listening to an old Jon Carter mix recently this gem gave me a chill up the spine. The video is cool too loads of low rider bikes and cars. Check it out below!

Dj Rolando Jaguar