Todays music comes from emerging UK artist
Lil Silva. Firstly is a mix that Iv had on constant repeat for the last while, its not a new one and I have to tip my hat to Three Piece Meal for originally uploading it. Really love the percussion in all of the tracks on it and its something that follows through in the track im posting aswel. I havent gotten so much into the whole UK Funky thing apart from dabbling in a few mixes. Overall its not something that I could see myself playing out or listening to on a regular basis. In my own mind im likening it to the whole niche bassline thing that seemed to fade away as soon as it had blown up last year but I really like what Lil Silva is doing. Very intelligent production and his tracks are popping up intracklists from Dj's that you wouldnt necessarily associate with this sound.

Lil Silva Wake up Mix

Daniel Merriweather - Red (Lil Silva Remix)