Il start by saying that Im a really big fan of Egyptrixx. I think he's someone that blurs the lines between genres and styles with both his dj sets and his own productions. This year is set to be a big one for him too with a release on Night Slugs and hopefully for us, some more tour dates this side of the pond. If he does venture over this side of the world this year then Id imagine he'l be performing his live show that he debuted in his home town of Toronto earlier in the month. Below is a taster of what to expect.

Egyptrixx Live pa @ Fuck Faces January 2010


Free Dj Assault

Think everyone knows the track Ass & Titties. If you were into it and would like to have more music featuring lyrics such as "girl you know you like the taste, of my kids on your face" then Id strongly advise heading here where Dj Assault is giving away his whole Jefferson Avenue back catalogue for free in high quality.

Seriously, go there.


Another Shamless Plug


My second e.p "22" is out today and its free! Details below!


Listen/Download: !K-EP01 - TEISHI-1 - 22 EP

The ‘22 EP’ is a collection of tracks that Teishi-1 wrote back in the days of the Pad-1 moniker. These were written when he first started playing around with electronic beatmaking, and in a time of transition through listening heavily to the techno sounds from Detroit and Berlin, and leaning to more experimental sounds showcased by the likes of Warp and Leaf Records.

The grime/techno track ‘Midnight’ featured on the 2009 Dublin Electronic Arts Festival compilation CD. The CD was distributed free at the launch for the festival in September 2009.

1. Intro
2. Master
3. Tetro
4. 36th String
5. Midnight
6. Broken Window
7. Sim
8. Fac



If your into producing music then the task of creating a live set can be regarded as the ultimate way of presenting your music to the public. Sure, djing is a good way of expressing your tastes and individuality but the process of stripping your tracks down and playing them out as you intended them to go together is something different altogether. I always find it interesting hearing different peoples approaches so that's why these 2 live sets come from completely opposite ends of the spectrum. Id recommend both of them highly though

Flying Lotus live in Paris

Dopplereffekt live in Berlin


Occasional readers of the blog will notice that I like to jump from genre to genre. Its something that Iv been doing a lot of lately, exploring new sounds and hearing new music. I usually find myself reverting back to the norm though after brief flirtations with foreign sounds. I think its important to try new things but at the same time stay true to your roots so thats why I always keep a healthy slab of electro close by. Today's music comes in the form of a new Detroit Grand Pubahs track, a classic Anthony Rother cut and 2 dj sets from Dj Stingray.

If the sets tickle your fancy theres an interview and a new mix from the balaclava'd one over on
RA right now.

Detroit Grand Pubahs feat Dynamix II - Doctor Booty Grabber (mr os Miami remix)

Anthony Rother - Dont Stop The Beat

Dj Stingray 313 & Egyptian Lover live @ The Caid Detroit

Dj Stingray live @ ?

So True

Think a lot of us can relate to this. Cheers Blacky



Just received a track from Berlin native and Boys Noize artiste Phon-O, be rude not to post it. Cheers Phon-O. More of the same from the man himself over on his Soundcloud page.

Anyone else who reads the blog, you can send your tracks through to

Under The Tree

In contrast to the music that got me into dj'ing in the first place Iv been loving the more synth based airy tracks that seem to be arriving in abundance at the moment. Tempo's it seems are lowering across clubland and I never thought Id hear myself saying that Im all for it. Came across this gem the other day. More tracks from the artist here and a mix here, courtesy of CurbCrawlers


Ruff in the jungle bizness

Well it's my first post of 2010 and I'm heading back to the magical year of 1994. Today's post is a wicked doc on the London jungle scene. It has interview with pioneers of the genre like LTJ Bukem, Shy FX and Fabio. Enjoy!



Wicked mix commissioned by Dublin label All City and performed by Om Unit "Previewing some of the stuff we will be releasing this year on the label - a 45 every month, the L.A 10 inch series, a series of collaborative 12s plus LPs from Onra, Knxwledge & more.."

You can listen to it on their
Soundcloud page or download it from Sonic Router. Also a bootleg mix from Om Unit of Joker's Digidesign.

Joker - Digidesign (Om Units Pop Lock rmx)


Strange Happenings

Got an email from Blogger stating that one of our posts had been removed due to copyright infringement. Completly bemused by this as it was the mix below that was the offending post. Trying to come up with reasons for this, Im thinking its either the tracklist that caused the problem or the fact that my mate who did the mix shares his name with a well known hip hop mogul ;)

Heres the link to the mix that he did anyway, without tracklist

Detrublin Mixes 2


Detrublin Mixes 2

Delighted to bring you a mix from a good mate of mine. Russel's been laying down some serious sets in clubs around Dublin recently and he was good enough to do up this selection especailly for the blog. Bumps in all the right places and I dare you to find a bad mix on here.

Russel Simmons December Mix (Link Removed See Post Above)

The Hauntologists – Hauntologists 01, B1 - Hauntologists

Levon Vincent – Woman is the Devil - Deconstuct

Levon Vincent – Solemn Days - Deconstruct

Levon Vincent – Early Reflections - Novel Sound

Tevo Howard – Every Day House Music (Extended Mix) – Beautiful Granville Records

Levon Vincent – Six Figures – Novel Sound

Mood 2 Swing – Move Me – Music for Your Ears

Levon Vincent – Double Jointed Sex Freak – Novel Sound

Mike Dehnert – One O Eight – Fachwerk

Christopher Rau - Childhood- Smallville

DJ Qu – Party People Clap They Hands – Deconstruct

Rick Howard – Without Your Love (Extended Remix) – Beautiful Granville Records

Levon Vincent – Late Nite Jam – Ostgut Tontrager

Mike Dehnert – Umlaut 1 (New Version) – Clone Bassment Series

Elegia – From Within - FCommunications

Bright Beginnings

New year and Im going to kick it off with a mix from new outfit C.R.S.T. Its a side project from the boys that brought you Chesus & Rodski and some of their fellow mates and Dj's and they'v certainly set out a strong agenda for the coming 12 months with a mix consisting purely of their own tracks and remixes. If your into UK Garage then youl love this.

C.R.S.T. Dubplates Mix 2010

Inside - C.R.S.T
Me N You - Chesus
Walk On - C.R.S.T
Good Love - C.R.S.T
Take It Back - C.R.S.T
Revisit - C.R.S.T
Jam For You - C.R.S.T
The Bells V.I.P - C.R.S.T
Mighty V.I.P - C.R.S.T
Funky Flex (C.R.S.T Remix) - C.R.S.T
Thank You - C.R.S.T
1 Just 4 U - C.R.S.T