Illum Sphere

Been listening to a lot of this style lately. Something about the lower bpms, big bass and techy vibes that seems to really click with me. Illum Sphere is co founder of Hoya Hoya, a club night based in Manchester and this year has seen him releasing an ep on Martyn's 3024 label as well as a remix on Warp. The success of the club night has spawned a label and things are definitely on the way up for 2011. This mix was recorded in Feburary for BTS Radio and may not be a good representation of where his sound is at right now but its the mix of his that Iv been listening to most.

Illum Sphere mix for BTS Radio
tracklist @ original post

Another dj that Iv been listening to a lot lately is Kper who recently did a "60 minute love letter to Hoya Hoya"

Kper mix for Hoya Hoya tracklist @ soundcloud

If your into that, Id also recommend his Wonk Fonk mixtape.


Jeremy P Caufield

Clocking in at just under 2 hours this mix is a bit of an ask but well worth it. It comes from Toronto native Berlin resident Jeremy P Caufield and was done in conjunction with Fabric to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his record label dumb unit. Its, in the words of Resident Advisor "neuro minimal" but its one of the better techno mixes Iv heard in a while. You can get it here


Well to say it's been a while since I posted here is an understatement. So I guess it's the time of year for reflection and by far the most played album I have listened to in 2010 is Ikonkia's Contact,Love,Want,Have. This lady's sound is completely fresh and unique. She is hands down my hero of the year. Download a preview of her excellent album from the Mary Anne Hobb's show below.

Ikonkia M.A.H Preview



I posted a remix from The Blessings recently and low and behold theres another free remix from them floating around the internet. This time its Cassie that gets the treatment and theres 8 other remixes from the likes of Altered Natives, Lunice and Brackles on there. Im posting the Micky Pearce remix here and the full pack of 9 remixes is available for free here

Cassie - Me & You (Mickey Pearce Remix)



To celebrate the fact that Stones Throw have a reissue of their Hella International limited triple vinyl they are giving away a featured track for free. Its not your run of the mill free giveaway either. You can download from the link below. More info on the release here

J Dilla - The $ (Madlib Remix)