Illum Sphere

Been listening to a lot of this style lately. Something about the lower bpms, big bass and techy vibes that seems to really click with me. Illum Sphere is co founder of Hoya Hoya, a club night based in Manchester and this year has seen him releasing an ep on Martyn's 3024 label as well as a remix on Warp. The success of the club night has spawned a label and things are definitely on the way up for 2011. This mix was recorded in Feburary for BTS Radio and may not be a good representation of where his sound is at right now but its the mix of his that Iv been listening to most.

Illum Sphere mix for BTS Radio
tracklist @ original post

Another dj that Iv been listening to a lot lately is Kper who recently did a "60 minute love letter to Hoya Hoya"

Kper mix for Hoya Hoya tracklist @ soundcloud

If your into that, Id also recommend his Wonk Fonk mixtape.