Occasional readers of the blog will notice that I like to jump from genre to genre. Its something that Iv been doing a lot of lately, exploring new sounds and hearing new music. I usually find myself reverting back to the norm though after brief flirtations with foreign sounds. I think its important to try new things but at the same time stay true to your roots so thats why I always keep a healthy slab of electro close by. Today's music comes in the form of a new Detroit Grand Pubahs track, a classic Anthony Rother cut and 2 dj sets from Dj Stingray.

If the sets tickle your fancy theres an interview and a new mix from the balaclava'd one over on
RA right now.

Detroit Grand Pubahs feat Dynamix II - Doctor Booty Grabber (mr os Miami remix)

Anthony Rother - Dont Stop The Beat

Dj Stingray 313 & Egyptian Lover live @ The Caid Detroit

Dj Stingray live @ ?