Another Shamless Plug


My second e.p "22" is out today and its free! Details below!


Listen/Download: !K-EP01 - TEISHI-1 - 22 EP

The ‘22 EP’ is a collection of tracks that Teishi-1 wrote back in the days of the Pad-1 moniker. These were written when he first started playing around with electronic beatmaking, and in a time of transition through listening heavily to the techno sounds from Detroit and Berlin, and leaning to more experimental sounds showcased by the likes of Warp and Leaf Records.

The grime/techno track ‘Midnight’ featured on the 2009 Dublin Electronic Arts Festival compilation CD. The CD was distributed free at the launch for the festival in September 2009.

1. Intro
2. Master
3. Tetro
4. 36th String
5. Midnight
6. Broken Window
7. Sim
8. Fac