Trust Me

The first Switch tune I heard was a remix of a Chemical Brothers track and if my memory serves me, I bought the vinyl for the Felix The Housecat version on the flip. The beauty of his productions is not only do they sound great but they are very simple and with the dance floor always in focus. He's someone that has worked with everyone and is responsible for bringing a whole wave of artists to the forefront of club culture around the world. I think its fair to say that if there was no Switch, there wouldnt be a Crookers or a Herve but more worryingly, take your pick from the thousands of "fidget" producers currently enjoying theyr 10 minutes of fame.

Im posting a mix i recently rediscovered. A cover mount mixmag cd from 2006, 3 years after Mr Taylor set up his Dubsided label but just as his star was on the serious rise. Also an old remix he turned in for Australian act Infusion and a brand new one thats been around the internets.