Seeing Stars

My favourite Dj bar none, Dj Godfather. I had a conversation not too long ago with someone about his skills as a dj. We talked about how, by comparisson, he wouldnt rate with the top turntabalists in the world, but, the top turntabalists in the world probably couldnt do what he does. Not only does he have all the tricks in his bag, he uses them in a way that its not showing off but increasing the tempo of the music he is playing and generally making any club he plays in go right off.

His Twilight 76 label, and later Databass, took the sound synonomous with Detroit mix tapes and pushed it onto a global audience. The label rosters read like a who's who of the scene with additions from the likes of Sekter 17, Keith Tucker, Dj Dijital on the electro side and Dj Nasty, Dj Slugo, Dj Deeon and Dj Omega on the ghetto tip. He is a Dj held in the highest regard with everyone from Dave Clarke to Daft Punk being a fan and his skils have taken him around the world many times. Iv seen him play in Dublin 5 times and hes the only dj that iv seen that i went to the gig completly sober and danced my ass off.
I dont think this mix represents fully what you could expect by going to see him in a club atmosphere but the tempo is frantic, the mixing is fast and theres plenty of mention of tricks, hoes and bitches.