Booty Bass is something that I try to like. I love Ghetto Tech and Electro so by association I should like it but Im often left unimpressed by what I hear. I hate sratching in records, all well and good seeing a DJ cut it up live but making it a mainstay in your productions is something I dont argree with, theres also the cheesy raps, the weak productions and just the sheer amount of awful tracks out there that makes it hard for me, personally, to find something that I could listen to more than twice before I bin it,or, play it out. I heard this track in the excellent Egyptrixx mixtape from last year and it took me downloading 3 albums,each with a different version of it to find it. Well worth it though.
I suppose its a genre thats defined by tracks from the likes of 2Live Crew, Magic Mike and Sir Mix a Lot so when you look at it in that light its easy to see it for what it is. Fun music, made by guys about riding girls and all with a healthy splashing of sub bass and 808 Drums. Ingredients which, if used in the wrong way, can create something truly awful.
To finish, here is a selection from Discobelle from 08 thats one of the better mixes iv come across.