Theres so many sources for music on the internet these days which can be good and bad in equal measure. Its just as easy to download tripe as it is to find gold. A few years back I used to aspire to be on pirate radio and I have many happy memories of doing the Electrophonic Radio show live from Bob's toolshed in Whitechurch with JJ. Apart from that there wasnt many other ways of broadcasting your sound out to an audience that didnt know you. With the advent of the internet and the ease of podcasting, and the more recent yardcasts, quality music is just a few clicks away. One click that you should make is over to the Reprise Agency website.

They represent some of the biggest and most exciting names in the game at the moment, from Loxy to Samuel L Session and their Podcast is the perfect shop window for their artists to show off their wears. The Pangaea and Dave Angel mixes have been on heavy rotation on my I Pod lately and I would highly recommend checking the rest of their audio library out.