Manhattan Melody

I've been listening to a lot of old school drum and bass lately. The main reason why is because of the topic of today's blog Lemon D's Manhattan Melody. I had not listened to this track in a good few years. I rediscovered it on the Hyperdub show case on Benji B's show on BBC Radio 1 Xtra which was played by Kode 9 as a major influence in his work. To quote both Benji B and Kode 9 when talking about this record "it was a magical time in music that has never really been recreated" and "it didn't matter how low budget or sophisticated someones setup was they could still make a record that sounded like this". Aswell as the excellent atmospheric build up for me its the drums in this track that just pack such a wallop. Once they kick its just full on dnb gold that makes me wanna dance like a loon. Check it out below and play this shit loud!

LEMON D - Manhattan Melody