Trip To My Soul

Music is cyclic. Trends come just as fast as others go but at the end of the day quality always stands the test of time. There will always be innovators and inevitably there will be those who try to copy them. When I first started getting into breaks it was through compilation cd's available at the height of its popularity, but, it was only through delving a little deeper that I found what I really liked. My early vinyl collection was made up mostly of Tipper and Si Begg records, Rotters Golf Club and Fuel releases sprinkled with obscure white labels. Those days are long gone but I cant help but feel that the impression left by this music is still around today. Listening back to some of this stuff recently, its head and shoulders above any of the current crop of blog superstars productions around at the moment,and, unlike them, has its own quite unique identity.

Children Of The Cone - Bass Toy