Derek Went Mad

Back in the early nineties my brother gave my first taste of acid house / rave. Sharing a bedroom with my older sibling I got to hear a lot tunes from the glory years of rave. Acts like The KLF, The Prodigy, Altern 8, N- Joy, Kicks like a Mule and whatever tracks that got played on pirate station Sunset or new tunes my bro heard in Sides, The Asylum, The Olympic Ballroom and The Mansion House got heavy rotation in my house. I could probably write numerous blogs about any of the tunes I heard. But I've decided today to write about "Derek went mad" by Shut up and Dance from the album "Dance before the Police come". This track had a darker edge to it than most of the more upbeat rave tunes at the time (Charlie by The Prodigy for example). with an ere intro and a dark, heavy breakbeat right through and the sample "and Il return the stronger man". It made my head nod and give me chills at the same time. Were where you in 92?

Shut up and Dance - Derek went Mad