Addison Groove

2010 was the breakout year for Headhunter's Addison Groove project. I first heard it like a lot of people on his guest mix for Mary Ann Hobbs and since then we have seen the whole Chicago Juke house sound really take over again with producers like Ramadanman and Boddika and sets from Loefah really getting the juices flowing. The only commercially available tracks to come out of this project so far are Dumbshit and Footcrab and I personally cant wait for the rest of them to surface, In the meantime the good people at Swamp 81 have released a VIP version of Footcrab for free. You can get it
here. Previews of the new ep coming out on Swamp 81 are up on his soundcloud.

For anyone that missed the mix first time round you can get it here