Lucky You

Coming to the end of the year now and already seeing threads and hype for label of the year. Personally speaking its either Night Slugs or Numbers for me but todays post is concentrating on another collective of artists. Lucky Me have been in the game now for a "minute". Founded by The Blessings, Hudson Mohawke and Dublin Boy done good Mike Slott, they run amazing club nights in the UK, release amazing music on their label and have tons of amazing mixes from amazing artists for free download on their site. So pretty much amazing all round. Todays track is from The Blessings and is part of a 10 track free bundle, the other 9 from the likes of Mike Slott, Lunice and Dema can be found here, and its a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine.

The Blessings - Go Girl

Shouts to Moovmnt for the original links.