Chi Town

Surprised I hadn't seen this on any of the blogs I usually read. 5 Magazine is based out of Chicago and to celebrate their 5th anniversary they went about interviewing 40 artists from Chicago about the sound that the city is famous for. Looking through the list of artists is pretty much a who's who of the house and techno scene and its pretty amazing that they all came out of the same city .The likes of Dj Slugo, Dj Deeon, Green Velvet, Ron Trent, E Smoove, Mike Dunne
and many more. There's 40 interviews each accompanied by a free track from the artist. Every interview gives you a different slant on the sounds coming out of the city but for me it was good to hear what some of the founding fathers of the sound that I love today had to say about some of the new crop of artists that are currently enjoying their day in the spotlight.

The Project presented by 5 Magazine

Dj Slugo Juke That Back Low