The best bit of advice someone ever gave me, "stick to your guns". Looking at event listings for clubs around Dublin these days its great to see an influx of foreign talent. Times for Dublin clubbers it seems are good. On further inspection you cant escape the realisation that the promoters bringing them over are not genuinely interested in the type of music that they play or their significance in the scene as a whole, its clear that they are more interested in getting heads in the door and turning a quick profit. The same people that were pushing "electro" dj's 6 months ago have now switched up, flipped their cap sideways and have booked the latest dubstep, funky or whatever is hot at the moment act to play at their newly named night. Musical mercenaries I suppose. Of course Im not saying that change isnt good,more so, its important to set down a foundation and build on it rather than up sticks and move on just as the next fad arrives.

Thinking about writing this post I suppose I was reflecting on my own musical interests at the moment. Im liking a lot of sounds around now but at the same time I always love hearing something new from a familiar artist. Anyone who has seen Dj Bone in a club will know that he is the epitome of what a solid techno dj should be. Playing effortlessly over 3 decks whilst always maintaining a sky high tempo and keeping the floor rocking at all times. He has a ton of mixes over on his Soundcloud page that you can check out. His production credentials are equally glowing. Heres something I rediscovered over the weekend.