If You Forgot

So the last DEAF has been and gone. Its really only when you look at the festival retrospectively that you realise just how much effort went in to making it the event that it was. So many quality acts jammed into venues around town, not to mention all of the film, photo and theatre aspects that went into it aswel. There was the argument of course that there was too much going on over a short period of time and that events wouldnt be attended well. Speaking from first hand experience this was pure nonsense. The gigs I went to last week were both packed and great fun so congrats all round to the DEAF team for giving this festival to us for the last 8 years and good luck with the new projects.

One of the gigs I did go to was one that I had been looking forward to for ages. Aux 88 are prob one of my favourite acts and I had never seen them live. They started off with the material from the Mad Professor album, doing that for about an hour before breaking out the classics and finishing up with a preview of the new material. Im not too sure about this, its all 4x4 which for me isnt Aux 88, not saying change isnt good, just that for me I would associate Aux 88 with the techno bass sound, electro beats and to hear them hype up "its 4x4 people", I was just a bit disapointed. Anyway, great gig all round, really good to see a lot of younger heads there really getting down to the music.

Posting a recent mix from Dj Di'Jital that was up on electrobass.net, cant reccomend it highly enough.

Dj Di'Jital - Technobass.net Mix