Select Ambient Works 85-92

I have to say that my favorite DJ/Producer of all time is Aphex Twin. Whether its creating beautiful tracks like Nannu or Flim to the mental sound of tracks like Vordhosbn I just love every moment of his records. To me the man is the embodiment of godlike genius. The one piece of his work which I would recommend to anyone is Select Ambient Works 85-92. It opens with the excellent Xtal a track that has one of the most beautiful vocals on a track ever and a break that gives me the biggest grin every time it kicks in. Going through 13 tracks We Are The Music Makers is also another of my personal highlights for me on this album sampling Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory it kicks into a beautiful break. Other personal highlights of this early acid house magic include Green Calx, Heliospan, Aegosopolis. Overall this album is an essential purchase. If you own it go listen to it if you dont buy it! Below is an interview with the man himself on MTV's Partyzone.

Aphex Twin Interview