Its been a while since I got a cd compilation and felt that I had to hunt down every single track on it. I used to love getting the vinyl companion to cd comps a few years back. To me they represented the only way of getting the tracks featured when you lived in Dublin. This was before Juno or download sites, the only way you could get something that was outside of the mainstream was to pay triple the price ordering it into HMV or take a punt on Billy in Abbey Discs, next tuesday mate. On a few occasions I even went over to London just to buy vinyl. The track below was featured on Radioactive man's brilliant Fabric cd from a few years back, I remember going to visit my Sister in Seattle and listening to the mix constantly on repeat for the whole trip.I havent really heard or seen a good compilation in any shop in a good while, prob due to the fact that you can go onto a blog and download an up to the minute mix from just about anyone in a matter of minutes, its also a sign of the times when I Pod accesories inhabit the floor space once reserved for vinyl in HMV aswel. I suppose lately, buying second hand vinyl is what excites me. Finding the gem that you cannot believe someone thought they could do without. Im sure everyone has that list committed to memory and when you find one thats on it, theres no better feeling.