Bridging the Divide:

It took a while to materialize, but finally, it seems, to these ears, that the often plundered musical treasure chest of 80's, 90's & 00's Electronic Music originating from Detroit and Berlin has finally been properly channeled and fused to a tempo more familiar to me, for quite some time I have admired the mechanical anonaminity of the motor citys endless trail of Electro, maybe subliminally, my first musical love. In my 'developmental' years, despite only every playing one form of music in a dj sense, I frequented far more electro & techno events than DnB ones, this is probably reflected in the majority of my sets, usually shunning the traditional, and tired, sampled breakbeat template favored pretty much since DnB's inception, opting instead for a far more synthetic sound, trying to find paralllel's between old Detroit and DnB in its current manifestation, this was once not an easy feat. That has slowly changed over the last two years, buts the impression I get is that is was a sound waiting in a dark lane, primed for an opportunistic mugging, to say its effect has changed the face of DnB is no exaggeration, maybe a little late on the uptake, the classic sound of Detroit and the staunch protocal of Berlin minimalism has taken a firm grip on a certain spectrum of my scene, reducing once militant drum workouts to floaty high tempo electronica soul, inevitably herd mentality has now engulfed this once refreshing ideal. A duo who essentially only released 8-10 tracks have totally overhauled the way DnB is created, structured and accepted, which to me emphasizes exactly how much this reinvention was needed, weather it is a case of envious eyes replicating what they view as a musical trend or a telepathic message broadcast throughout the scenes more astute producers, calling for a need for change, something very significant is currently under way, hopefully this doesnt burn itself out in a similar manner to its distant soul mate over in Berlin, or fall foul to pseudo philosophical mantras and excessive posturing in order to justify their motives like its other relative in Detroit, 

D-Bridge & Instra:mental have set the standard for this movement, you can taste the fruits of their labour here.